Topic : Apocalypse

When is the Day of Judgement?
Who is the Mahdi and is he born now?
Are Ya’juj and Ma’juj located in China?
What will save me from Dajjal?

The Day of Judgement (Al-Qiyamah), a day where the complete destruction of Earth and the Universe will take place. A day of destruction and terror that has never been witnessed by any eye before. This event will mark the final day of life on Earth, it will also be the start of a new eternal life in the Hereafter. Belief in the Day of Judgement is part of a Muslims Aqeedah. Our beloved Prophet (SAW) warned his Ummah of the Last Hour, and told us certain events that will take place before it. These events are broken into Major and Minor signs. Almost all of the minor signs have come to pass and now we are waiting for the Major signs.

Come join us for this 1-month course as we walk through these signs as well as analyze if these signs have occurred yet.  You don’t want to miss this!

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Taught by Sheikh Ali Ahmed

30th July 2018


Mon & Wed (8 pm -10.30 pm), July 30th – Aug 29th


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2018-9-8 10:30 pm 2018-8-29 1:00 am Europe/London Topic : Apocalypse MINOR AND MAJOR SIGNS OF THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT Al Shafi'e Institute
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